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Tri-Cities Pride Society Membership Application Form

  • Member Information

    Membership gives you the ability to vote at general meetings, adds you to the inside-track on what we are up to, and helps you get the resources you need. Membership is on a by-donation basis - you must make a donation in order for your membership to be processed. Memberships are valid until the next Annual General Meeting - so if you pay the day before it will only be valid for one day. The next Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place between September and November of 2020.

    Payment may be made in-person at TCPS events, by Interac E-Transfer® via [email protected] , or by using the payment process that this form redirects to after submission.

    If you have any questions, please contact Brett at [email protected]

    This section is required. Your information will only be used to communicate vital membership information such as dates and agendas for the annual general meeting (AGM) of the members, and any special general meetings (SGM). If you would prefer a printable form, please view it here and email it to [email protected]

  • Please let us know, if you would like, what pronouns we should use when referring to you.
    Please select all methods by which you would like to be contacted
  • Membership

    Membership to the Tri-Cities Pride Society is by sliding scale donation, with a suggested donation of $10.00. E-transfers can be sent to [email protected]
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    I hereby grant permission to the Tri-Cities Pride Society to take photographs of me. These pictures may be used in Tri-Cities Pride publications and on the group’s website and social media at any time for the purpose of promotion and celebration of the society and/or its causes.